Intershop E-Commerce Solutions

The Intershop Commerce Suite is the new e-commerce software generation of the Intershop Commuications AG located in Jena. The AG took part in important tasks of the development, so we have the Know-how and wide experience for Intershop e-commerce solutions. Intershop Commerce Suite replaces Enfinity 6.4.

  • Comprehensive feature and management tools innovation
  • Over 1,500 features of Intershop Commerce Suite, such as Design View, A/B testing, and promotions engine to support business agility.
    The AG took part at the development of the Design view and the promotions engine.
  • The Intershop Commerce Suite is designed to support every aspect of multi-channel business across the web, mobile, contact centers, and in stores.
  • Flexible robust partner ecosystem enables retailers to stay competitive and responsive while choosing from a wide range of point solutions and service providers prepared to support Intershop Commerce Suite.

It allows businesses to benefit from a comprehensive e-commerce platform that is designed to support every aspect of multi-channel business today and into the future. The Intershop Commerce Suite also powers on-demand innovation to meet the demands of ever-changing customer needs as well as technological and market advances.
The e-commerce-platform was developed based on intense market research incorporating feedback from over 150 online retailers across the globe. Powerful features of the Intershop Commerce Suite make it possible to evolve and manage storefronts fast, test consumer preferences, and create highly targeted user experiences. They include:

An innovative Design View enabling

  • New storefront functionality to allow business users to touch and manage sites without code deployments
  • Instant WYSIWYG storefront editing features – no HTML or programming experience needed
  • Real-time page layout, design, and content management.

Integrated A/B testing enabling business people to
  • Test page layouts or content, page elements, or promotions
  • Design targeted tests for specific groups
  • Undertake continual testing and optimization to drive business results.

A powerful Promotions Engine with virtually unlimited promotional flexibility to:
  • Generate promotion trigger eligibility and discount combinations
  • Apply multiple coupon codes per order with specific rules
  • Define many promotion combinations and automatically end them when thresholds are met, such as your promotional budget.

The Intershop Commerce Suite is an industry game-changer; enabling commerce teams to configure web sites, campaigns or test variations rather than programming them or have them programmed. Thus, the commerce team has complete control of the online business any time, can act quickly and effectively to respond to today’s fast changing market conditions and can drive their business holistically across channels.

The Intershop Commerce Suite is delivered through a robust and flexible partner ecosystem that enables the rapid response to customer demands without retailers having to re-engineer the backbone of the commerce operation, at great time and expense.