MP3 Download Platform PotatoSystem


PotatoSystem stands for:

  • a service for artists and smaller labels
  • We store your music on our servers and databases for you. Your download shop can access it.

  • a technology (in the sense of download shop components).
  • You can use our download shop to distribute your music and increase your turnover. Additionally or alternatively, we can integrate your own download shop on your web site (e. g. MySpace).

Click here to get both to the German web site of PotatoSystem and to the download shop. There you can find further information. On the website it is possible to switch the language.
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Advantages from customer's point of view

When customers purchase music (PotatoSystem provides it without annoying DRM or copy protection), they additionally receive the option to make money with it by offering it on their own web sites. The sole condition is to be registered at the PotatoSystem web site as a personalized link is needed to properly track transactions. In this sense, customers can even become active resellers.

Advantages from supplier's point of view

The PotatoSystem is a true alternative for artists and music producers who want to sell their music in digital format (e. g. MP3) without investing a huge marketing budget. The PotatoSystem is a part of a building set for content distribution via Internet. Registered once, the supplier is able to publish personalized links on his web site. These links are generated by the PotatoSystem and based on his registered music. The full transaction cost management is controlled by the PotatoSystem.