The 4FO AG offers a complete service for e-commerce and mobile solutions

We are partners of Intershop und eBay Enterprise for many years. By this experiences we are experts for e-commerce and mobile solutions. We perceive us as a full-service provider for Internet distribution and sales systems. Our team support you in completion, distribution and operation of our products.

Now we offer the development of online stores with the e-commerce software Intershop Commerce Suite coupled with the Amazon Web Services.
Individually for each online store!

ShopInSphere - Cloud Empowered Intershop Commerce Suite

ShopInSphere supplies small and middle-sized companys with development of online stores on basis of the enterprise e-commerce software Intershop Commerce Suite as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).
We call it: ShopInSphere-Cloud (SIS-Cloud). You call it: Perfect!

Dicover all advantages of ShopInSphere:

ShopInSphere is your chance for an individual online store up to now only big companies have. Discover our Cloud Empowered Intershop Commerce Suite. Open up the entirety possibilities of e-commerce for your business.

Aside from that:

and much more ...